Our Team

John Godley

Certified Master Trainer and Owner

John’s passion for fitness and wellness led him to become an expert in the fitness industry. He holds certifications through ISSA (International Sports Science Association) in Personal Training, Fitness Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, and Corrective Exercises. His specializations include Functional Training, Boxing, Corrective Exercises, and Sports Specific Training.

With over 25 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry, John’s goal is to educate clients with a thorough understanding of the basic principles of fitness and how to achieve solid training effects quickly, efficiently, and without injury. These principles include but are not limited to whole-body functional training, overload, specificity, reversibility, periodization, rest, over-training, and stimulus variability while taking into account individual differences.

John’s philosophy is that “Exercise Is Medicine” and in order to achieve goals and sustain success you must live according to “The 5 Ps” – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.